Friday, August 7, 2009

First Custom Orders for DDOTS ® Greeting ART CARDS!

Check out these great Custom Orders for DDOTS ® Greeting ART CARDS!

19th Anniversary Card for (check out Bella's incredible original artwork); I created a card with their wedding song by Journey and was inspired to create my own "Forever Yours, Faithfully" Bridal Collection! I had a lot of fun creating this card for Bella and whenever I take out the hammer, Todd exclaims, "You're not ma
king another "Forever" card are you!!?" (It took a little more hammering then most!)

Happy Anniversary Bella and may you share many more years of love and happiness!

I was contacted by fellow
Etsian, (check out Des' beautiful, tropical, eastern inspired Greeting Cards), to create a special card for her best friend to celebrate their Christening Anniversary! I was so honored by her request! I made a special
FAITH card in honor of their special occasion!

To request a special hand-hammered, one of a kind, greeting card with the perfect sentiment for someone you love, contact me at!