Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ORIGINAL MMG Thread-Mates! A Year Later and Still Supporting More Meaningful Gifts!

I'm the kind of person that doesn't believe in gift cards and cash as gifts...

There's nothing like the initial glance someone gives you when they get a wish fulfilled or something they hadn't dared to dream of or something that they think there's no way that you could have known they wanted or needed...

I started the More Meaningful Gifts Thread with that in mind.

A year later, out of the nine shops that I originally invited, we are blessed to still have three amazing women who take the time every day to share their talents, thoughts, and ideas with us; but I am most blessed to call them my friends.

Thank you Debra, Kara, and Sima for your continued love and support...

If you're looking for
More Meaningful Gifts definitely take the time to check out these amazing shops and talented women.





  1. Three very talented women that I have come to know as friends, as well as fellow MMGr's!


  2. D o r a n a ...Thank YOU for posting the beautiful photos on your blog.

    I am honor to be part of this great team.great friends.great family.I got to know you guys just by talking to you everyday and try to get your "hearts" and "feedback" :) but to me there is more then just a "More Meaningful Gifts" YOU GUYS are my family. i talk to you guys more then i talk to my own family :) {back home,you know} wow..i have tears in my eyes.{i swear} it's been a year since Dorana and I created the very beautiful and meaningful necklace. without this necklace i would not even be here today.

    Thank YOU all for continued the love and the support of our banner.

    "More Meaningful Gifts Thread"



  3. fantastic, I am thrilled to be part of this group

  4. Aw, thanks for the love, Dorana. The MMG thread always makes me feel like I belong somewhere. You've kept me sane through all the insanity (and more to come).


  5. Very nice Dorana - you are so kind! They are lucky to have you as a friend also!

  6. Dorana, and Debra and Sima and Kara, you've created such a wonderful thing! I feel like a member of a family, even though I've only been on this thread for a short time!

  7. Awww I'm grateful for the MMG thread and these wonderful ladies that share their hearts and their talents. I am grateful for the wonderful friendships I've made here too. Thanks ladies.

  8. Very generous of you, as always, Dorana. MMG is a special place, with incredibly talented, intelligent, generous, and GENUINE people (not just women, mind you!) who have come in, touched our lives, passed through on their journey, and some have stayed.

    As great as it is, if Dorana had ever once gotten tired of tending house there, we would surely have fallen by the way side.

    Thank you, Dorana. You're pretty dang special yourself!