Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our HANDMADE ETSY WEDDING - Dorana & Todd 12/26/2009 and the Introduction of Renovation Girl and Comp Boy!

I am SO excited to finally get the opportunity to catch up on the last eight months!

Had someone told me eight months ago that we were going to buy a new house in a
dreamy historic town, spend six months giving birth to a new kitchen as a DIY project from studs to custom wet bar, get ENGAGED AND BE MARRIED BEFORE THE NEW YEAR, I wouldn't have believed it!

For the next couple of weeks, I am thrilled to walk you through our HANDMADE ETSY WEDDING that we planned in less than 6 weeks for well under $5000 including a custom a Dorana design wedding gown!

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  1. You are a nut! :O) (I mean that in a loving way of course!)

  2. As I said over at myhandmaderegistry, Kat did a great job. Lovely. ;)

  3. thank you lynette!

    niki you have no idea! LOL :o)

    thank you for the comments!