Friday, February 5, 2010

The WELCOME - Our HANDMADE ETSY WEDDING - Dorana & Todd 12/26/2009

The plan was a small outside intimate wedding with 25 of our closest friends and family, celebrated in our new historic town and home.


Alas, Mother Nature had other things in mind; torrential rainfall! It poured from before sunrise into the following day!

As I walked out of the salon with my hair in cascading waves, the howling wind turned my umbrella inside out while the rain crashed down sideways! I struggled with the umbrella trying to protect my hair as I slid on the pavement losing my flip flops (yes, flip flops - note to future brides: don't get manicure and pedicures done the day of your wedding!).

I remember shuffling through growing puddles of water and thinking to myself, "I can't believe this! This is our WEDDING DAY!"

All morning long I had been convincing myself that the rain was GOOD LUCK!

I had read that rain on your wedding day represented fertility and stability and income and guaranteed a long happy marriage!

But as I drove home realizing that we wouldn't be able to take
pictures in our new town and have the service in our beautiful side yard, I was so disappointed!

I made the turn into our driveway and was greeted by our beautiful custom made Wedding Sign created by Jennifer of Etsy's Funki Folk that my future husband had attached to our mailbox!

All of the disappointment over the weather and anxiety immediately melted away! It wasn't quite what I had always imagined... it was better!

Jennifer's beautiful welcoming signs set the perfect stage for our living room wedding!

I had been exchanging emails with Jennifer for over a year and we were so thrilled to finally be able to take advantage of her unique personalized signs!

We also ordered a "RECEPTION" sign that Todd stole and positioned over our new Wet Bar in the kitchen!

We can't wait to order my little sisters' signs to welcome her guests to her June Wedding! Thank you

Photography by Stephen Shadrach.


  1. very cool, love the signs
    and even with all the weather you are just a married, I am sure it was beautiful

  2. That look so cool and what a great way to let everyone know where the house was at :)

  3. The signs tunred out great!!! A perfect addition to your wedding day!

  4. beautiful wedding
    very creative, warm and welcoming